Bradley C. Hill, Attorney at Law;

Bradley C. Hill, Attorney at Law;

A local oriented criminal and family law firm in Blue Springs. We provide aggressive, affordable, and results driven service to our clients. We handle child custody, divorce, support modification, possession, DUI and DWI, and more.

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Located in beautiful downtown Blue Springs on main street is the Brad Hill Law Office. Brad Hill is an experienced Attorney providing services in the family and criminal law arena. If you need a divorce or a ticket handled then this firm is the right choice for you. Proudly serving Kansas City, Martin City, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, Harisonville, Belton, Grandview, Gladstone, Oak Groves, Grain Valley, Liberty, Riverside, Jackson County, Clay County, Cass County. For a consultation with a lawyer please call 1-877-293-4099 (Some cases may be referred to other attorneys)
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We offer the availability of flat fee and fixed per hour fees. Some cases require contingency fees. Payment plans available as well.

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Divorce can be a very thorny issue. The Brad Hill Law Office seeks to keep the proceedings civil and make sure your rights are protected. Remember, when children are involved there are more than 2 people in a dissolution.
Our firm seeks to provide safety for a family about to break apart. Though the mother and father have split, the family remains bonded through the children. We seek to keep the divorce as easy on the children as possible.
When there are no children to a marriage it often comes down to property settlement and getting out of the relationship quickly. At the Brad Hill Law Office an expedited or speedy divorces is an option if the clients are willing to fulfill the requirements.
We offer a free consultation and will cater to your needs. Please call the Brad Hill Law Office toll free at 877-293-4099
Traffic Tickets
It is best to keep a traffic ticket off of your driving record because insurance companies will almost certainly look to make you pay much more on the back end.
There are many ways to approach a traffic ticket. It can be amended down to a lesser charge insurance companies are not concerned with. The ticket itself can be challenged and potentially thrown out if the circumstances are correct. There are potential plea bargains and other remedies. Here at the Brad Hill Law Office we will assess your ticket and decide the best way to handle the case.
From running a red light to DWI or DUI the Brad Hill Law Office is able to handle nearly anything traffic related.

For a free consultation and speedy results please call the Brad Hill Law Office at 877-293-4099

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I began to focus on Family Law, Criminal, and Traffic law soon after law school. I have always been intrigued by solo practices and decided the areas of law I found most enjoyable were criminal and family law. I enjoy criminal because I get to help people out of bad situations. I enjoy family law because I like seeing people get custody of their beloved child or the end of a divorce when a bitter couple finally gets to part their ways. In both areas of the law there exists a sigh of relief from my clients that I truly enjoy.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

I have experienced a large number of divorces and criminal convictions personally and have a heart for all parties. I am not here to judge what you have done, I am here to help you move forward. Whether it is a criminal conviction or a custody dispute with a dead beat ex spouse, we are here to protect your rights.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I bring a very client centered approach to the practice of law. I do not believe the client should schedule their time around you. Instead it is the client who has hired me and I should cater to their schedule. To that end, I give my personal cell phone number to my clients so they can call at nearly any time. Furthermore, I am able to take payments and am quite flexible.

Bradley Hill

Bradley Hill is University of Missouri system graduate. His undergraduate B.A. in Political Science was achieved at the University of Missouri - Columbia. He then attended the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law and graduated early. He has since practiced in a wide variety of fields and focuses primarily on traffic, criminal, custody, and divorce.

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