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Main Office
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Flat Fee Includes Right to Jury Trial. Call (209)591-5150 for free consultation about your DUI case. We have two lawyers work every case: one from a "defend-it" perspective; one from a "damage control" perspective.
DUI is what we do. Damage control and legal defense.

Attorney Matthew Becker focuses on Damage Control. The phone number you see is his personal cell phone. Mr. Becker will help you find ways to reduce some of the pain associated with the arrest and later with the conviction. Mr. Becker is your primary contact in our firm and also handles plea negotiations - keeping in mind the needs of the client at all times. But sometimes plea deals are not the right way to go on a case. That is where attorney Marion Titus steps in.

Ms. Titus focuses on the legal defense. If there are hidden ways to beat the case, she is on it. Does the cop in your case have a dirty background? She will find it if it is out there. Was the blood draw improperly done in a way that allows the evidence to get excluded? Ms. Titus will leave the DA in the dust. Since Ms. Titus joined the firm, she has on multiple occasions filed a motion that cause the DA to call within 24 hours offering a deal to the client before the motion could be heard.

We fight our cases and we fight them hard. We also focus on helping the client find ways to avoid some of the pain associated with the arrest and the conviction. Call for a free consultation. (916)591-5150 / (209)591-5150.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Mr. Becker volunteered for the public defender while in law school, validating his lifelong dream of being a criminal defense lawyer. He later decided to focus on DUI because that is one of only a few areas of criminal defense where science-geekiness is particularly useful.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

1) Mr. Becker is truly accessible. (916)591-5150. Mr. Becker's Personal Cell Phone. He promises to return calls by 8pm the same day - sooner if possible.

2) Ms. Titus is a walking law-library. Her ability to spot issues that get more wins is an invaluable addition to the firm.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The dual focus and real flat fee.

Damage control and legal defense are two very separate skills and require very different mindsets. Most law firms have one attorney on the case and that attorney does or tries to do both parts. We have two lawyers - one for damage control. One for legal defense. Different mindsets. Different minds. Specialization.

Most other lawyers charge a flat fee for pre-trial and then a later, separate, and much larger fee for trial or sometimes even for motion work. One guy even pretends he charges a flat fee, but it really is a down-payment on an hourly retainer. It gets shady. We don't do that. I know of NO OTHER LAW FIRM that offers a flat fee at the outset that includes a jury trial right in the contract. We do this. Why? Because I get sick of hearing other lawyers in court talk about how they NEVER do trials because the client cannot afford a separate, later-added trial retainer. These get expensive. Since many cases settle, and people rarely know early on that their case *will* go to trial. So we offer the right to a jury trial at the outset for an extra $1000 - if 1 in 5 go to trial, it makes it so the trial client only paid $1000 more instead of a separate $5000. We feel like we get paid a fair amount on the overall (spreading the risk) and the client doesn't go bankrupt on lawyer fees for a jury trial. We also find ways to make it so that if someone retains for the jury trial option, that they get value for it even if the case doesn't go that far. Being retained for trial is the trigger that lets us threaten the DA with a trial in order to get the improvement on the plea deal that might not otherwise happen. It is a good deal and it is totally unique.

Matthew Becker

Matthew Becker

Mr. Becker is the damage control DUI lawyer in the firm. He will help you find ways to minimize the damage - help lessen the insurance increase. Help minimize or eliminate jail or work project. Help minimize the length and strength of the license suspensions.
  • Bar Number: 262816
    California , 2009
  • Ave Maria School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 2007
    Mr. Becker was in the 5th graduating class at the old campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before the school moved to Naples, Florida.

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