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Firm Overview

Here at Ladva Law Firm, we are firmly dedicated to protecting the rights of all Bay Area employees in a wide range of settings. Whether you are the victim of wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, personal injury, or any other legal issue, look no further than the expert employment attorneys at Ladva Law Firm. We are well equipped and experienced in a wide variety of cases to give our clients a comprehensive range of legal support and advice to maximize their protections under the law.

Protecting the Bay Area
Our clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area have come to trust Ladva Law Firm during our many years of service. We know having an ally on your side can be the difference between feeling helpless and feeling empowered. Having a job and livelihood is a requirement for living a comfortable, healthy, and productive life for you and your family, and Ladva Law Firm is committed to fighting for all of your rights.

Practice Areas
We have a proven track record and are prepared to handle a wide variety of cases. Our lead attorney, Ashwin Ladva, has excellent experience handling:

* Personal Injury
* Wrongful Termination
* Wage and Hour Disputes
* Sexual Harassment
* Age Discrimination
* Racial Decimation
* Disability Discrimination
* Gender Discrimination
* Retaliation

The San Francisco area is experiencing a period of rapid growth with many new economic and occupational opportunities for its workforce. However, with the influx of new job opportunities, there is inevitably more room for workplace abuse in a wide range of areas. In such an environment, workers need the legal protection of a knowledgeable ally more than ever. Ladva Law Firm acutely understands these trends and all of the rights under the law that employees and employers alike are entitled to. Without law, there is no order, and Ladva Law Firm can be your champion of justice in your time of need.

Prepared to Listen
It is important to remember that mistreatment takes many forms, and if you are unsure whether you've encountered a questionable situation or experience, call us right away at 415-296-8844 for a 100% FREE consultation. Our qualified attorneys will listen closely to your case and determine how best to proceed. If you are unable to call, use our free and easy online contact form for an initial consultation.

No Recovery, No Fee
We will take all the time we need to determine the best way to provide you with justice. Remember, if there is no recovery, there is no fee. We are completely committed to protecting your rights and privacy, and personally guarantee that we will handle each case with complete competence.

At Ladva Law Firm, we always have our clients in mind, and our goal is always quick resolution under the law and maximizing our clients' rights. We live in a rapidly changing work environment here in the San Francisco area, but that doesn't mean you need to feel neglected, abused, and without proper representation. Mistreatment should not go unpunished, and the Bay Area workforce deserves a team that will stop at nothing to protect those who have been taken advantage of. Ladva Law Firm is that trusted legal team. Call us 415-296-8844 for a FREE consultation today.
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Wrongful Termination
Wrongful Termination & Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in San Francisco
At Ladva Law Firm, we specialize in helping clients navigate the tangled web of wrongful termination and discrimination cases that arise. In the United States, there are both federal and state laws designed to protect employees from a wide range of wrongful termination situations. Your rights are important and will not be overlooked at Ladva Law Firm - wrongful termination is a pernicious issue that can devastate families and destroy livelihoods.

Find the Right Answers
There are many ways to prove whether an employer has wrongfully terminated an employee, and if you believe you have been the victim of this, please call Ladva Law Firm as soon as possible at 415-296-8844 for more information.

Our free consultation will help determine the next steps to take, and help you reclaim the justice you deserve. Having an experienced legal ally on your side can be the difference between sustaining your lifestyle and losing everything.

Know Your Rights
While employers are allowed to fire or replace underperforming workers, they must do so in a law-abiding way. This differentiates from wrongful termination, wherein an employer decides to fire an employee outside of the letter of the law. The sound advice from Ladva Law Firm can help determine if your case can move forward, and we will pursue all pertinent legal avenues to resolve your case quickly and fairly.

Discrimination takes many forms. Among them are critical workplace decisions based on unlawful criteria such as:

* An employee's age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, or disabilities
* Retaliation
*The need for maternity leave
* An employee needing time off for other medical reasons
* An employee needing time off for family leave
* An employee opted to not work overtime per contractual constraints or worked through lunch breaks
* An employee needed to complete Jury Duty service
* An employer asked an employee to commit an unlawful act on their behalf

As you can see, wrongful termination and workplace discrimination can take many forms. It is important to seek sound legal advice to help start the process of filing a claim against your employer. A legal ally who understands workplace law on the local, state, and federal level is essential to moving a case forward and getting you the justice you deserve. When an employer is held accountable for their actions, livelihoods are kept intact, employees are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and confidence is restored in the justice system. The Bay Area's legal champion for wrongful termination and workplace discrimination cases is Ladva Law Firm.

Unsure about a particular case or how to move forward with processing a claim against an employer? It can be a harrowing and uncertain time when you feel you are the victim of a crime. It is important to know where to turn for help in resolving the situation. Ladva Law Firm has the attorneys with experience who understand the important nuance and details of workplace law. Call 415-296-8844 for a free consultation. We look forward to serving you and the entire Bay Area workforce.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Here, at The Ladva Law Firm, we believe that we have an obligation to not only fight hard for our clients, but to also serve our community and make sure that we are doing our part to make the Bay Area a safe, clean place to live and work. In that regard, The Ladva Law Firm have donated thousands of dollars a year to support local charities, as well as provide countless hours of our time to represent individuals on a pro bono basis.

We are always finding new ways to help educate our community on ways that can help prevent injuries from occurring from accidents and mistakes. Help us make the Bay Area safe by reporting to us known safety hazards, in order that we can contact the appropriate authorities to ensure that the safety hazard is corrected before an individual gets injured.

If you are injured due to the negligence or intentional act of another, we promise to assist you as best we can. This allows you to concentrate on making as quick as a recovery as possible if you were injured as the result of someone else's negligence.

We have learned through our years of experience and close interactions with our clients on how to best assist injured individuals. We have a network of the Bay Area's finest doctors and chiropractors. Our goal is to not only ensure that you are adequately compensated for your injuries, but also to help place your life back on track as fast as possible.

Our firm's philosophy and dedication carries through to all of our practice areas. We are more than just lawyers; we are your neighbors. That is why we always fight hard with integrity, compassion, and strength.

Ashwin Ladva

University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

Ashwin V. Ladva, Esq. has been practicing law in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999. Mr. Ladva graduated from University of California, Hastings. While at Hastings he was a member of the Women's Law Journal, an organization committed to reporting on social issues and offered minority and women's groups a voice in the legal community. Mr. Ladva gained invaluable experience while at Hastings by clerking for Honorable Judge Bea of the San Francisco Superior Court. After passing the California Bar Exam, Mr. Ladva practiced law in San Jose working for a mid-sized law firm where he immediately proved his skills and was given responsibility for arguing a host of different issues in both Federal and Superior Courts. After refining his skills, Mr. Ladva opened his first office in San Francisco representing individuals against insurance companies, corporations and governmental agencies. Mr. Ladva gained a great reputation in the legal community for being a fighter who never quits for deserving clients. This reputation has benefited his clients greatly and afforded them great compensation against insurance companies, corporations and governmental agencies. Furthermore, because Mr. Ladva has proven to the defense firms that he is not afraid to take cases to trial, he is usually able to settle cases quicker than most other plaintiff firms.

In just two years after having opened his first office Mr. Ladva was proud to open his second office in Fremont. Mr. Ladva is dedicated to his clients and will fight each case with as much vigor as he does his million dollar cases.

Mr. Ladva is a member and a financial contributor of the California Consumer Attorneys Association, American Trial Lawyers Association, and the San Francisco Bar Association. These organizations are committed to keeping our court rooms accessible and open for all of us. Please visit their websites to learn more about the great work that they do.

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