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An arrest can be devastating for a person.

Even being the subject of a criminal investigation is terrifying.

Those facing criminal charges or being questioned by Long Beach police have rights. The most important right is the right to criminal counsel. Regardless of the potential charges or situation, consulting with a Long Beach, NY criminal defense lawyer is a critical step.

It is important for defendants and those who are the center of a police investigation to understand their rights and their legal options. By acting immediately, a defendant can protect their rights and ensure that those rights are respected throughout the legal process.

Expert Criminal Defense Services from Austin Law Associates

It does not matter if an individual is facing a traffic ticket, misdemeanor offense, or a set of multiple criminal charges. Having a strong, effective criminal defense from a Long Beach, NY criminal defense lawyer is critical and should be a defendant's primary goal.

Austin Law Associates can help develop and execute a strong legal defense for areas including:

Drug offenses
DWI cases
Sex offenses
Traffic violations
Vehicle forfeitures
White collar crimes
Domestic violence
Theft or burglary offenses
Homicide or murder
How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

A defense attorney has experience in the system.

The team from Austin Law Associates can help their clients by:

Mounting an Expert Defense: Regardless of the strength of the prosecution's case, a good defense attorney can help a client by collecting their own evidence, using the law to discredit evidence gathered, and questioning the integrity of the prosecution's case.
Getting Charges Dropped: Often prosecutors hope that criminal defendants will not hire an attorney. When the defendant has a lawyer, prosecutors may realize their case is too weak. A good attorney will analyze the evidence and help their clients get charges dropped due to a lack of case strength.
Reduced Charges: Criminal defense attorneys know how to negotiate and get charges
Reduced Sentences: A good lawyer also knows that if their client is convicted, they can still help by negotiating comparatively lenient punishments and reduced sentences.
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Traffic Tickets
We can handle your traffic tickets for you
Being arrested for a traffic violation may seem scary to some people. To others it may seem minor or humiliating. However it makes you feel, it doesn't have to be expensive and it doesn't have to result in a loss of your license or driving privileges or in a rise in your insurance rates.

If you have been arrested for driving with a suspended license, you may be eligible to get your driving privileges reinstated immediatelyeven before your next court date.

The attorneys associated with Austin Law Associates, P.C. have handled many thousands of tickets and driving related offenses. An experienced attorney can determine the best course of action for your specific case. A negotiated plea deal can save points on your license or result in lower fines. The infraction may not even affect your insurance rates.

Driving with a suspended license or privileges under Vehicle and Traffic Law section 511.1 or 511.2 is a criminal offense. It is a misdemeanor and punishable by either jail time or probation. It could also result in hefty fines. If your license was suspended for failure to pay previous traffic tickets, you may be able to plead those underlying tickets down to infractions which will not place points on your license or result in your insurance rates being raised.

An attorney from Austin Law Associates, P.C. can often appear in traffic court on your behalf so that you don't miss time at work or school. With our intimate knowledge of the Nassau County and local village courts, we can also guide you if you wish to appear on your own.
We offer Long Island-based clients the highest standards of legal acumen and dedication
Doctors, Teachers, Realtors, Carpenters, no one is immune to being charged with a DWI.
It doesn't matter your education level, zip code or status, everyone is equal under the DWI law.

What can change the outcome of your arrest is the attorney you choose to represent you.

Did you know that a drunk driving conviction could result in:

Loss of Your Car: A Criminal Conviction for the Rest of Your Life
Mandatory Loss of Your Driver's License without the Ability to Obtain a Conditional License
Mandatory Interlock system for your car
Mandatory Fines and Surcharges
Mandatory Attendance at an Alcohol Treatment Program
Increase in Insurance Premiums
Mandatory $250 fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles for 3 years.
Problems with your credit rating
A .08 Reading Or Above On The Intoxilyzer 5000 Does Not Mean That One Is Guilty Of Drunk Driving.

Did you know that the scientific principle that the machine relies on for accuracy has been called into question by the scientific community, which means your reading might be artificially high.
Did you know that a fever could lead to a false high reading?
Did you know that a person's breathing pattern can lead to a false high reading?
Did you know that studies have shown that if you are exposed to certain chemicals or solvents this could lead to a false high reading?
Did you know there are many other circumstances which could have given you a false high reading?
We know all these things and we know how to help you build your case.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We help those who have been charged with criminal offenses to access the justice that they want and deserve. If you've been charged with a criminal offense, you should know that the burden of proving your guilt lies with the prosecution. We will build the strongest possible case on your behalf, with a mind to boosting the odds of a Not Guilty verdict.

Quite often, we are able to greatly reduce charges so that trials aren't needed. We use every legal tactic out there in order to assist our clients and we also offer respect, guidance and support to every single client that we take on. This is why we encourage you to place your trust in our law firm today.

We specialize in criminal cases and we offer Long Island-based clients the highest standards of legal acumen and dedication.

We are here to help!

You Need Legal Firepower

Successfully navigating the criminal law system in New York State requires a lot of experience and finesse. This is why choosing the right Long Island criminal defense lawyer is so important! There are a lot of ramifications to being found guilty of a crime or a misdemeanor. For example, you should know that misdemeanor convictions are never sealed, unless offenders are classified as youth, and that a guilty verdict for marijuana possession may bar you from accessing financial aid in the future.

As well, those who have criminal records may not be able to visit other countries or access visas for foreign countries.

At Austin Law Associates PC, we understand criminal law inside and out and we are here to advise you of your rights and then protect those rights! If you're in trouble with the law, the smartest thing that you can do is retain legal counsel today. Waiting is a mistake, as memories tend to fade gradually and evidence may disappear due to the passage of time.

When you hire one of our lawyers in the near future, your attorney will be able to create a stronger defense for you and may even be able to arrange a plea bargain.

If you wait too long, the chances of accessing a plea bargain may also disappear!

Why Choose Us?

We offer a full complement of criminal defense services to our valued clientele. We bring twenty-five years of experience to the table and we focus on serving residents of Long Island, New York, USA.

We handle an array of case types, from drug possession to sex crimes to shoplifting to DWI to weapons possession, white collar crimes and trucking cases (plus trucking violations).

When you choose us, your lawyer will discuss your options with you, explain how he or she will build your defense and give you advice and backup which help you to manage the stress which has been created due to your legal difficulties.

Stuart Austin

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