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Welcome to Asandrov Law Offices where we provide our clients with personal service from an experienced Attorney and a knowledgeable support staff. Our goal has been to treat every legal problem entrusted to us as though it were our own.

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Asandrov Law Offices provides legal services to a broad array of clients. We represent clients in DWI matters, criminal issues, civil litigation, personal injury and bankruptcies. Individuals and families look to Asandrov Law Offices for sophisticated and effective legal services at an affordable cost in all general practice areas.

Asandrov Law Offices offers personalized service. Our 28 years of experience and knowledge sets us apart from our competing practitioners. We provide our clients creative, cost effective, result-oriented representation. The direct involvement of Louis V. Asandrov and the supporting staff means aggressive, focused problem solving.

Asandrov Law Offices has a reputation for integrity and the highest quality of legal work and has earned the respect and confidence of our clients.
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Asandrov Law Offices
Welcome to Asandrov Law offices. At some point in most people lives, they or their loved ones will have a legal problem that requires an attorneys help. If you find yourself in that position, let us guide you through the legal maze. We are a highly skilled and respected general practice law office specializing in criminal, DWI, bankruptcy, family and divorce. Mr. Louis V. Asandrov, Esq., a 28 year veteran of the New York State Bar Association will advocate strongly and tirelessly for your legal needs. Our experience and knowledge allows us to achieve the best possible resolution of legal issues for our clients in and around Monroe County and the surrounding Counties in New York.

Our practice focuses on helping people with everyday legal problems, including bankruptcy, criminal, personal injury, real estate, and civil matters. We treat our clients with compassion and respect, and communicate promptly, openly and often.

Attorney Louis V. Asandrov, Esq., with 28 years of experience and knowledge can preserve your license, freedom, and bring you peace of mind.

Whether you are a first time offender, your case involves repeat offenses or a drunk-driving accident, it is important to know your legal rights and options. At Asandrov Law Offices, we have extensive experience in handling DWI cases and can effectively protect your rights in cases involving a DWI.

Steadfast, we hold the government to its burden of proof by challenging evidence illegally obtained or used against you and contesting each aspect of the prosecution's case, both pre-trial and the trial itself.

Call (585) 546-7620 for a free consultation or contact us by email at to submit questions about your case.

Our firm knows that every DWI case is unique. We focus on protecting your rights and addressing your needs. Maybe you are a commercial driver concerned about your CDL license, a repeat offender on probation facing a Violation of Probation, or a professional with a reputation to protect. No matter what your circumstances, we can take appropriate action on your behalf.

Facts about DWI and your potential defense:

The police must have probable cause to pull you over. Whether you were swerving, made an unsafe lane change, or a witness confirmed that you were too drunk to drive, an officer cannot pull you over unless there is evidence to confirm you were driving in violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

You can still challenge evidence of blood alcohol content. Breathalyzer tests, blood tests and urine tests must be properly administered. We can investigate the facts of obtaining this evidence to make sure it was obtained legally and the machine operated properly.

The burden of proof is on the state. In any criminal matter, it is important to always keep in mind that the burden of proof is on the state. Our role is to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case so that we can construct the strongest defense possible. We explore every avenue of defense to suppress evidence and challenge the allegations made by the state.

Penalties for a DWI are lasting and severe: protect your rights

A DWI does not only leave you with a criminal record that could affect your job prospects and future opportunities, but also you may face serious fines and penalties: the loss of your driver's license, as well as jail time. Whether you are facing your first DWI or you are a repeat offender, it is always important to aggressively protect your rights and interests. Our offices will investigate, research, and aggressively challenge the state's evidence in DWI cases. Our firm will analyze videos taken by the police and contact witnesses who may be helpful to your defense through our private investigator. We also challenge breathalyzer and blood test results.

Louis V. Asandrov, Esq. Experienced Trial Attorney

You can rely on my knowledge and skill in the courtroom. I take your freedom seriously and I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is your best chance. Many defense attorneys take the first deal offered by the district attorney, but that is not my style. I know that further negotiations or trying the case in court may produce better results for my clients.

I also believe that everyone charged with a DWI deserves a strong defense at an affordable price. A person should not have to wipe out their bank account, or max out their credit card just to pay for an attorney.

Why take chances with your freedom and livelihood? Make your appointment today.
Asandrov Law Offices provides legal services to broad array of clients. We represent clients in DWI matters, criminal issues, civil litigation, personal injury and bankruptcies.
Facing Bank Foreclosure?
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws are Designed to Stop Foreclosure.

We can design your personalized Plan that will save your home.

Personal bankruptcy can be a powerful mechanism to save your home if you want to stop foreclosure.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is specifically designed to stop foreclosure and may provide you with the protection and relief you need to stay in your home and catch up on your other past-due debts at a fraction of the total outstanding debt.

We take pride in helping individuals file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and establish viable repayment plans for debts that help eliminate the payments on second or third mortgages entirely. As a qualified bankruptcy attorney and Chapter 13 practitioner, Louis V. Asandrov, Esq. Attorney at Law has helped numerous debtors recover from their debt and return to living financially healthy lives, while staying in their home.

We'll help you with all the particulars and paperwork involved in establishing your custom Chapter 13 Plan, including:

Reorganizing your debt
Determining your eligibility and income for your individual plan payments
Claiming your property exemptions
Completing and filing all required forms and motions
Representing you at your creditors and plan confirmation hearings

Beyond guiding you through the Chapter 13 process, Louis V. Asandrov and his knowledgeable and friendly staff will instruct you as to the best course of action. Chapter 13 is an individual's own personal "Bail Out" plan sponsored by the Federal Government. No matter your situation, you can always trust us to provide creative legal counsel that helps manage your debt without creditor interference or objection.

To schedule a free consultation, please call Louis V. Asandrov Attorney at Law (585) 546-7620.

Louis V. Asandrov
Attorney at Law
291 South Plymouth Avenue
Rochester, New York 14608
Telephone (585) 546-7620
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Louis Asandrov

Louis Asandrov

I am a sole practitioner. I attended collage at the State University of New York of Buffalo where I graduated magna cum laude. I received my Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School in 1980 and my LLM in Taxation from Boston University School of Law in 1984.
  • Bar Number: 1934959
    New York , 1984

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