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I want to be part of your team, helping you to make good business and life decisions. This is what I can give you - an analysis of the law, good and bad, suggestions on how your issue could be resolved, and technical knowledge about how the process works. I don't play games. I am not one who will say, "oh sure, I can handle that suit and it should only take a couple of weeks" when I know that isn't true. I won't tell you half the story to get you to commit to an approach that may not work for you. I will give you my loyalty, my support and my best.

My areas of focus in Business include contract negotiation, contract management, business advice, business litigation, including defending or enforcing commercial contracts,and advising businesses on how best to achieve their commercial goals. I enjoy working with start ups and others looking to succeed in a changing business landscape.

While my focus is on commercial needs and disputes, I also do the same sort of work for private parties. I am frequently am asked to advise and explain the terms of agreements including documents obtained through online services. I believe that those who offer legal forms provide an important service but often these forms require explanation of the terms, how they are interpreted in Oregon, and a consideration of whether they need to be modified to address the critical issues. Better to hire someone to interpret than to assume you and your adverse party both appreciate what the language really means. I support the "hit by a bus" theory of contract negotiation and drafting - while you and your friend, partner, or business associate may fully understand the terms of your agreement now, what happens if one of you is hit by a bus? Then those assumptions are gone and you are left with only what has been written down. Best advice I can give to anyone involved in contracts or agreements or arrangements, write everything down and make sure it is well understood.

There is one area that I do not do which is Residential lease or Residential Landlord/ Tenant issues - in that area I believe that people should use a specialist as the rules are many and the issues are often more complex than what first appears.

My areas of focus in real estate include property purchase agreements, contract disputes, commercial real estate issues and leases, real estate litigation, easement rights, breaches of fiduciary duty, arbitration, commercial landlord tenant disputes, earnest money issues, inspections, and other areas of dispute that arise during the sale process.

As a 30 year lawyer and a past pro tem judge , I have developed a significant understanding of most business and real estate issues.

One final area of practice is related to electric energy,
including renewable resource development and integration, transmission policies, governmental relations, power and transmission rates, and development of ways to address the evolving energy industry. The Northwest is facing extraordinary challenges as technology replaces manual actions, emergence of energy and capacity markets, use of economic dispatch, and integration of renewable resources, carbon issues, and the Northwest treaty. As an energy/utility consultant for 25 years, I have been identified as having played a significant part in restructuring issues, renewable development and integration, issues of commercial and industrial customers, and utilities in the Pacific Northwest.
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Main Office
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Free Initial Consultation?
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Generally I work on an hourly basis finding that is better for the client. I do offer some flat fee arrangements depending upon the nature of the work. I offer a special Consultation for $300 which is intended to explain the issues, discuss the options, and to give the client the information necessary to decide who he/she might want to proceed.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Hourly Rates
$300/hour general work; trials capped at capped at $2000 per day.

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generally 9-4 or by special arrangment.
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What distinguishes your law firm from others?

As a lawyer, you must bring your knowledge, experience , and intelligence to the issue to help the client resolve his/her issue in the best way possible. The client needs to understand the options and the benefits that each option presents. As a lawyer-consultant I give information, share experience, and provide expertise, and then I work with the client to develop a strategy that either accomplishes what the client wants or puts the client in the best possible position going forward. As a business lawyer, real estate lawyer, or an energy consultant, I follow the same approach -to empower the client by giving him/her support and information to deal with the issues he faces.

I follow another guiding principle - always consider what makes economic and emotional sense. Often people will get sued and have to defend a lawsuit; others want to sue someone else because he/she feel that he/she has been wronged - in both cases it feels tot he litigants that it is fighting to the death. Before going into a fight to the end, consider the "costs." Financially and emotionally most cases cost more than anyone wants to spend. Whether long hours in an administrative hearing or a few hours in a small case arbitration, they are proceeded by days, weeks, or months of preparation. Usually that preparation includes "discovery" - formally seeking out the relevant documents, people, and actions that define the issue. Often a lawsuit will take a year - even a simple one with arbitration can take six months. Six months or a year during which you will need to pay a lawyer and be available for such things as inspections, giving testimony, and appearing at pre trial hearings. If someone owes you $5000, does it really make sense to to spend $10,000 to collect it unless you win and there is a provision in one of the agreements that says the loser pays the other side's attorney fees. And if you lose? You get costs without any monetary recovery. In that kind of scenario, its better to spend less and to settle so both sides can move forward.

Ann Fisher

An AV rated attorney, Ms. Fisher started AF Legal & Consulting Services in 1996 to address business and energy issues facing commercial enterprises as the electric and gas industries deregulate. Her clients have included major industrial companies, independent power producers, investor owned utilities, power marketers, small publicly owned utilities and business customers. Taking a cooperative approach in developing business strategies to fit the specific needs of her clients, Ms. Fisher provides a wide range of services from negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, developing regulatory stratagem, analyzing issues related to market positioning, purchasing, contract implementation, lobbying/ governmental affairs consultation, business litigation, and agency and administrative hearings.

Ms. Fisher maintains a significant general business and real estate practice that includes small business needs, real estate, and contract matters, with a particular emphasis upon development of contract solutions to avoid future litigation. Ms. Fisher provides flexible fee schedules for smaller business entities and others.

In addition, Ms. Fisher has been a pro term judge (civil) in the state circuit court since 1995 and provides arbitration and mediation services.

Ann Fisher

Ann Fisher

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