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At Amaral Tellawi, in Houston, TX, we are attorneys practicing in the areas of estate planning, small business, and real estate. We take pride in creating a customized plan for each of our clients. Most services we provide are based on clear, up front, flat-rate fees.

Advice from an attorney can help protect you, your family, your assets, and your business. Whether you are in the wealth building stage of life and starting a business or entering your retirement years and disposing of shares, proper planning safeguards your hard work.

Our focus is to guide you through the myriad of decisions you will face in life and in business, so that you can make the best one. This personalized attention enables us to advise clients according to their unique wishes and family situation. We have the knowledge and experience to go to work for you immediately.
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Saeed Tellawi


Saeed Tellawi has always had a passion for the entrepreunerial pursuit, starting his first company at 18 years old.  He has made significant contributions in the Small Business andReal Estate legal areas since 2007, with involvement in a vast array of start-ups, purchasesand dispositions for local and state-wide clients.

Saeed’s practice also encompasses contract drafting, review & negotiation; outsourcedcorporate counsel;  small business process consulting; real estate services, contractor and subcontractor representation, as well as post judgment services and litigation.

In June 2011, Saeed joined Amaral Tellawi, PLLC as a Managing Partner, further strengthening the firm’s Small Business and Real Estate Services.

Saeed believes that, “It’s important to be seen by clients as a trusted adviser, someone who can be relied on to bring relevant experience and legal perspective.  We become an integral part of our client’s team.”

Saeed was born in Homs, Syria, but after 23 years in Houston, he considers it his home.  He is fluent in Arabic and enjoys helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life to achieve their business aspirations with success.