Nationwide tax debt relief company, specializing in reducing back taxes. With multiple years of combined tax resolution experience, there isn't a tax case we cant handle.

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Urgent Tax Help was opened with the sole intent to help individuals and businesses settle out their back taxes by providing a solution to every tax debt situation.

We have been able to narrow down and pin point exactly what needs to be done to get you the best settlement possible.

Our Tax attorneys have over a 90% success rate in settling cases nationwide with the IRS and State.

We are experts in settling back taxes and we love what we do. Our goal is to make sure we settle out your back taxes, not only by providing you a settlement, but by also treating every client with professionalism and urgency. We pride our selves in customer service satisfaction.

With Urgent Tax Help you are in reliable hands, we promise to walk you through your IRS or State tax debt every step of the way.

Call now and speak with a knowledgeable tax debt representative, our number is
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Main Office
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Nationwide full service tax attorney firm.
AAA Tax Relief has Tax attorneys and Licensed Enrolled Agents fully staffed available for all your tax relief needs. We provide highly trained professionals on standby to provide you with the up most customer service to get you through your Tax debt nightmare.

We are the only Tax Attorney firm available for support 24 hours, 7 days a week for all 50 states.

The List of Services we provide are:
Wage garnishment removal, Tax Lien removal, Bank Levy Releases, Tax Debt Settlement, Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement, CNC (no collectable status) Corporate filings, Personal fillings, IRS help, State Help, Tax Law, Audit representation

Mission statement from your tax attorney Colin J. McKibbin:
I specialize in urgent bank levy releases as well as garnishment removal. With my extensive experience, I can provide urgent relief with in 24 hours of being retained.
I provide all resolution services for both the IRS and all States. My firm is fully staffed with individuals ready to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I ensure that all of us provide the up most customer service to all clientele no matter how small or how big. I serve each client to the best of my ability.

Urgent Tax Help

Urgent Tax Help is a full service tax resolution firm, comprised of enrolled agents, and tax professionals. Our staff has decades of combined experience resolving client tax problems with the IRS and state tax agencies. With state and federal budgets facing record deficits, tax agencies are pulling out all the stops in order to recover every penny they can. This can amount to thousands of dollars in penalties and interest in addition to back taxes. There are few financial situations that are as stressful as dealing with IRS and state tax liabilities. Fortunately, there's no need for you to try and resolve all of your problems with the IRS on your own. Whether you're in need of expert IRS audit representation or you want to know if your current financial state qualifies you for IRS tax debt relief, we can help.

Urgent Tax Help wants to put an end to all of your tax nightmares today. One simple phone call to Urgent Tax Help and you will never have to speak to the I.R.S. or state tax offices again. We will work with tax agencies on your behalf to get levies stopped, I.R.S. liens removed, wage garnishments released and all your back taxes filed. It is our goal to help you achieve the ideal tax settlement as quickly and as smoothly as possible. If you owe more than S10,000 in tax debt you, are losing hundreds of dollars every day in interest and penalties. Get your life back, contact Urgent Tax Help today!

Urgent Tax Help has professionals from multiple disciplines, such as accountants, lawyers and enrolled agents, all working in numerous areas to attack your IRS problems from all sides. Our personnel have dealt with a wide range of federal and state tax situations, and can take away the stress that comes with trying to resolve complicated financial problems by yourself. Best of all, there's no need for the extra cost and confusion of dealing with specialists at multiple firms. Urgent Tax Help can handle it all.

Urgent Tax Help is a powerful ally who fights alongside you in your ongoing struggle with the IRS. We empower taxpayers all over the country, helping them confront unpaid back taxes, federal tax liens and levies on their assets. No matter when it was you last paid your taxes, and no matter how large a sum you owe on either federal or state taxes, Urgent Tax Help is prepared to review your IRS lien or other situation, and offer you all of the possible solutions that are both practical and effective. Finally, you can end the sleepless nights and rest easy in the knowledge that you are free of your tax nightmares once and for all. You don