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Insurance companies will try to confuse and intimidate you, making your claim stressful and time-consuming. Skip defends your rights, fights for your money, and makes everything as easy as possible.

Specializing in workers' compensation and personal injury claims, Skip believes in helping people recover financially and emotionally-even if they can't pay big upfront fees. Skip doesn't charge anything unless his clients collect, because justice shouldn't depend on the size of your wallet.


Only pay if you successfully receive compensation.


Call McManes Law at (770) 645-8801 or complete the online form for a legal consultation absolutely free of charge. Skip McManes and his team will contact you within one business day to discuss your case, your options, and what Permanent Disability Benefits you may collect.

Skip will guide you every step of the way. He personally speaks with every client, listening closely to build the strongest case possible. He'll appear at your workers' compensation hearing to represent and advise you. Finally, Skip will fight to obtain the highest your settlements, ensuring you get the money on time for your claim.

1. The McManes Law Offices are conveniently located in Alpharetta Georgia.

2. At McManes Law, we are experienced professionals representing you and your family in your Work Related Injury Claim. The insurance companies are required to pay for your medical treatment, lost wages, permanent disability rating, and sometimes you can obtain a lump sum settlement.

3. We will help you with your case so you can receive the settlement you deserve. You have the right to representation by an attorney of your choice in connection with a work-related injury. Keep in mind that the workers' compensation insurer is NOT your advocate and will not have your best interest in mind.

4. We are present during your initial workers compensation hearing, usually held Monday through Friday at multiple locations throughout Georgia. During this hearing you will have the opportunity to explain to the Judge your side of the case, however the insurance company will also have a representative. You need a workers compensation lawyer on your side.

5. If you are injured on the job, you may receive medical and income benefits. These benefits are provided to help you return to work. Your dependents may also receive benefits if you die as a result of a job related injury. We make sure you receive all the benefits possible. Compensation for authorized doctor bills, hospital bills, rehabilitation in some cases, physical therapy, prescriptions, and necessary travel expenses are among the many benefit you are entitled to with a work related injury.

6. If you are entitled to weekly income benefits due to lost time at work. We enforce timely payment so, you will have your check on time.

7. When you are able to return to work, but can only get a lower paying job as a result of your injury, we make sure you are paid additional weekly compensation income benefits are able to earn your regular pay.

8. In the event of your death as a result of an on-the-job accident, your family is entitled to burial expenses and weekly compensation equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Your spouse may also quality for a lump sum settlement.

9. If you do not receive benefits when due, we will enforce penalties required to be paid by the insurance company.
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Workers Compensation
McManes Law Workers Compensation Lawyers will fight for your rights to a fair Workers Compensation Settlement.
It happens all the time: people get injured at work. A construction worker strains his back on a new project, a nurse hurts her knees helping a patient out of bed, an office assistant slips on a wet surface and breaks a bone.

Have you been injured at work or on the job? Have you become sick because of your job? Then you may be entitled to financial compensation for lost wages and medical expenses-no matter whose fault it is.

Many workers fail to receive the benefits they deserve. While employers in Georgia are legally required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance, injured employees are often intimidated or confused by greedy insurance companies-don't let it happen to you.

Workers' compensation was established in the State of Georgia to compensate individuals who have been injured on the job.


The main benefits which an individual can receive under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act include the following:
1. Wages, based upon your average weekly wage;
2. Medical benefits, to treat your work-related injury;
3. A permanent partial disability rating based upon your permanent injuries; and
4. Potential settlement.


In the state of Georgia, the maximum lost wage benefit which you can receive is currently $525.00 per week. These benefits are tax-free and can be paid for a maximum of 400 weeks, unless your case is deemed catastrophic.

The medical benefits which you can receive are potentially unlimited as the employer and insurer are responsible for your medical treatment without regard to cost. The reality however is that the insurance company will try and limit the medical costs to your case.

The permanent partial disability benefits which you may receive are dictated by the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act.


We often receive questions as to whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor. If you are truly an independent contractor, you will not receive workers' compensation coverage from your "employer." It is often times a complex and fact-intensive evaluation as to whether an individual is truly an employee or an independent contractor.


No, the workers' compensation laws in the State of Georgia do not allow for any recovery or payment of pain and suffering.


Yes, currently, the State Board of Workers' Compensation allows for $.40 per mile for travel to and from any medical appointments.


You must file a claim for workers' compensation benefits within one year from the date of your accident, or from the date of your last medical treatment. It is best to contact the Law Offices of Skip McManes for assistance in making sure all of the proper forms have been filed with the State Board of Workers' Compensation.


A catastrophic claim means you have had a very serious injury. Handling a catastrophic claim requires an experienced lawyer to assist you in obtaining all of your benefits. Please call my office for a free consultation.

Workers Compensation Benefits:

Skip McManes is one of Atlanta Georgia's most respected Workers Compensation lawyer. With insider knowledge and proven strategies, Skip and his legal team can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Skip truly cares for his clients, personally meeting each and every one. He'll listen to you closely, discuss your options, and craft a brilliant strategy to get the insurance companies to pay. You can stop worrying we handle everything for you.


Medical issues are perhaps the most important part of a workers compensation claim. Our goal is to assist our clients in obtaining the very best medical treatment possible. There are many medical issues that typically arise in a case, including the following:

Authorizations for prescriptions
Authorizations for testing, such as MRIs, CT scans, etc.
Authorization for physical therapy
Reimbursement for mileage going to and from medical appointments.

Our office is particularly skilled at resolving all of the Medical Bill Compensation and Medical Issues which typically arise in a workers compensation claim. We are dedicated to providing prompt assistance with all of the issues which you and your family members face. Let our office help you navigate the extremely complex and confusing medical issues which often arise in a workers compensation claim..


The Workers Compensation Act is designed to assist and provide income benefits when an individual has been hurt on the job and cannot return to their former employment. There are four (4) main types of lost wage benefits which are available.

1. Temporary disability benefits (TTD). TTD benefits are paid weekly to an individual who is temporarily totally disabled from returning to work. Basically this means you are either on a no-work status, or your employer is unable to provide you with a light duty job per your doctor's restrictions. The wage benefits are determined based upon the average weekly wage for the 13 weeks before your injury. Currently the maximum TTD rate is $525.00 per week. Please note, depending upon your date of accident, the maximum TTD rate can vary.

2. Temporary partial disability benefits (TPD). TPD benefits are paid when an individual is able to return to work, however, they are unable to earn their pre-injury wages. Usually this occurs when an individual returns to a light duty job and works less hours, or works in a different position. Currently, the maximum TTD rate is $350.00 per week. Please note the maximum rate can vary based upon your date of injury.

3. Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD). PPD benefits are paid pursuant to the Workers' Compensation Act for the permanent injuries sustained from a workers' compensation injury. Typically, a PPD rating is assigned by your authorized treating physician at the end of your case when you have reached maximum medical improvement. There is a formula which provides for a specific calculation for your PPD benefits. Let the office of Skip McManes assist you in calculating your PPD rating.

4. Death benefits. Death benefits are available to family members of an individual who dies as a result of a workers' compensation claim. The calculation of death benefits is extremely complex and depends upon many different variables, including who is and who is not a dependent of the worker. Some additional benefits are also available, including funeral expenses or burial expenses. Let my office assist you with the extremely complex and delicate issues which arise when a loved one dies as a result of an on-the-job injury.

Skip McManes

Skip Fights for What's Right

An attorney dedicated to defending the injured worker, Skip McManes has practiced law for over two decades. After briefly serving as an insurance defense lawyer and seeing their unethical ways, Skip decided he had to fight against the insurance companies to protect his fellow workers. A graduate of Johnson High in Gainesville and the University of Georgia, where he earned a degree in finance and a law degree, Skip is still a fierce Bulldogs fan. He currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife of over 20 years and his four children.

Specializing in workers' compensation and personal injury claims, Skip believes in helping people recover financially and emotionally-even if they can't pay big upfront fees. Skip doesn't charge anything unless his clients collect, because justice shouldn't depend on the size of your wallet.

Skip will guide you every step of the way. He personally speaks with every client, listening closely to build the strongest case possible. He'll appear at your workers' compensation hearing to represent and advise you. Finally, Skip will fight to enforce your settlements, ensuring you get your money on time and punishing late payments.
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    I attended UGA and earneda degree in Finance and then went to UGA for law school.

Skip McManes

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