LA Injury Group

LA Injury Group

The LA Injury Group is the premiere personal injury only law practice in California. With our advanced litigation skills and in-depth knowledge of the medical field, our experienced legal team has obtained Millions of Dollars for our injured clients.

Firm Overview

It is our mission to stop our client's physical and financial suffering. After an accident, our clients come to us in pain. They need expensive medical care, which many times, they can't afford. And far too often, they are in financial trouble as they can no longer work.

First, we strive to understand our Client's story. Once hired, we come to our clients home or we interview loved ones, all to understand how the injury has affected our client's life. Then, we arrange the best medical care available to treat our client's injuries.

We then formulate a solid litigation strategy and diligently advance our client's case against those responsible for our client's injuries.

Most importantly, as we have learned over the years, you cannot get the most value for a case without a fight....thus, we are ready, willing and have the financial resources to put on the gloves.

Since we were founded eight years ago we have been very fortunate, as our business has grown exponentially every year. While our past results do not guarantee future outcomes, they do speak very loudly:

We have recovered over Nine Million Dollars, in verdicts and settlements, for our injured clients, in the last several years alone.

On average, each of our injured clients has received approximately Thirty Thousand Dollars for their injuries. And, we have had numerous SIX & SEVEN figure settlements for our more seriously injured clientele.

We are successful in over 97% of all cases we handle.

And finally, the most important indicator that we are doing our job right is that the majority of our clients are referred to us by word of mouth. Call us today Toll FREE 1-888-500-1006 for a FREE initial consultation!
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Trucking Accident
Trucking accidents require a lawyer who knows the trucking business.....After handling numerous trucking cases, including a hallmark case in which we got our client over $4,000,000, we know what evidence to look for and we know how to win!
We love trucking cases because there is usually a lot more evidence available. This is evidence that we can use to fight for our clients and to prove that the driver of the truck was at fault for the accident. Unlike in car accident cases, most modern trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices. Using the data received from these GPS tracking devices, we can, for example, prove how fast the truck was actually traveling at the approximate time of the accident.

Also, truck divers are required to follow more stringent safety policies and to adhere to different safety statutes. These are policies and laws that, if violated by the truck drivers, can be used as a basis to show the truck driver's liaility. After handling so many truck cases, we know what evidence to look for and, most importantly, we know what it takes to win.
Wrongful Death
We understand that if we secure, even a multimillion dollar settlement, for the family of a loved one who has passed, it does not take away the pain.
However, when the deceased was the primary breadwinner, we take comfort in being able to secure the family's financial future.

We understand that if we secure, even a multimillion dollar settlement, for the family of a loved one who has passed, it does not take away the pain. However, when the deceased was the primary breadwinner, we take comfort in being able to secure the family's financial future.

The Wrongful Death claim is a lawsuit that belongs to the survivors of someone who has passed away because of the negligence of a third party. Usually, the claim belongs to the spouse and to the children of the

deceased. Under wrongful death, the survivors are entitled to sue the party responsible for their loss of love and companionship and financial support. It is the aim of wrongful death claims to compensate the family for their emotional and financial losses.

In order to prove a wrongful death claim the key element is causation. This means that it needs to be shown that the defendant caused the death. If this is shown, the time between defendants act and the decedent's death is not important. Further, even if the defendant was partially at fault for the death, under California comparative fault principles, he or she will still be held responsible for the death but the damages award may be reduced according to the percentage of fault.

There are many factors which go into the calculation of damages. Usually, they include direct out of pocket expenses, such as funeral costs and medical bills. They also include loss of future income and loss of companionship which are harder to calculate. Finally, if it can be proven that defendant's act was intentional or grossly negligent, punitive damages, aimed at punishing the defendant, can also be awarded.

I you have any questions relating to wrongful death claims, please feel free to give us a call. Regardless of the cause of the death, whether it was from an automobile accident, a work related accident, or some defective product, we have what it takes to get you the best possible settlement. If we decide to take your case, we will guide you through each step of the process and do everything in our ability to help you get your lives back together.

Benjamin Charchian

Mr. Charchian, is a graduate of UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. He is a native of Los Angeles growing up in Pasadena with his practice now in Glendale, CA. Mr. Charchian founded the practice in 2005 and focused his work exclusively on representing injured plaintiff's and helping them get back on their feet after catastrophic injuries.

Mr.Charchian has helped his injured clients win millions of dollars against all types of defendants, from large multinational corporations and governmental entities to private individuals. Mr. Charchian, who prides himself most for his philanthropic work as he loves to give back to his community, has served on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations including Athgo Internation, the YMCA, and the AGBU

Anthony Mikhail

After graduating from UC Berkely and attending lawschool at Pepperdine University, Mr. Mikhail, Of Counsel to the firm, was troubled at how large insurance companies would routinely take advantage of injured Plaintiff's in order to have a financial gain, despite the fact that the person they insured, in many cases, devastated the lives of good people. Mr. Mikhail joined forces with our team, serving as of counsel, to help stand up for the rights of these injured people. Mr. Mikail, who is a licensed real estate broker, also handles real estate law matters and federal bankruptcy issues.

Dianelis Ruiz

After obtaining her bachelor's degree from Cal State Northridge and finishing her paralegal training at UCLA, Ms. Ruiz, joined the firm. As lead paralegal, she is instrumental in overseeing the progression of all injury cases, from inception through litigation.

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